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In a further application of Transense’s torque sensing solutions, the Company is now part of a consortium of nine companies, “IntelWind”, that has begun development on a major EU funded project to improve the efficiency of wind turbines.

Transense will receive a grant to develop SAW torque sensors for the large diameter shafts required for this project and the work required to integrate these sensors into the newly developed wind turbine designs. Involvement in this project came about as a result of work already underway with a major wind turbine gearbox design house. There is an increasing demand for wind turbine monitoring systems and Transense is positioning itself to exploit this emerging high value market as it develops.

Additionally, the expertise gained during the technical development work on these much larger shafts has applications in many other markets, such as marine and power generation. The IntelWind consortium projects turnover accruing to Transense of €700k for the year commencing Q4 2013 rising to €2.1 million in 2017.

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