Granted Patents - 2014

Ref Title Countryy Patent/Grant No
T0008 Electrical Signal Coupling Device GB 2350487
US 6,478,584
T0010 Pressure Monitor System EP/GB 1198361
T0012 Remote interrogation of the frequency difference between two SAW devices used for pressure measurement GB 2355801
T0022 Package SAW Device Using Pressure Sensor EP/DE 60136943.2
US 6,865,950
GB 2372328
EP/FR 1325296
T0028 Contactless SAW Torque Sensor with Improved Temperature Stability EP/DE P60204161.9
EP/GB 1438555
CN ZL02820375.5
TW 1251077
US 7,202,589
EP/FR 1438555
T0031 Interrogation Method for Passive Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System EP/GB 1419476
TW I264384
CN ZL02816494.6
JP 4356089
EP/FR 1419476
US 7,065,459
EP/DE 60203805.7
T0036 Improved Method for Tracking a Resonant Frequency US 7,089,794
JP 4126434
GB 2387724
T0037 Pressure monitor incorporating SAW device EP/FR 1485692
US 7,151,337
TW 1266046
EP/GB 1485692
CN ZL03810957.3
JP 4320593
EP/DE 60312493.3
T0039 Modified Interrogation Method with RF Power Supply GB 2397379
T0040 Valve Antenna US 7,185,535
EP/DE 60330235.1
TW 1287512
CN ZL03811669.3
EP/FR 1506100
EP/GB 1506100
JP 4721092
T0041 Clip on Torque Sensor GB 2393521
US 7,222,541
T0044 Improvements in the Construction of SAW Sensors GB 2413215
T0049 Interrogation Method for Passive Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System GB 2411239
T0051 Method and Apparatus for Electronic Storing of Calibration/Identification Data for a Wireless Linear Passive Sensor GB 2411960
T0052 Split-ring coupler incorporating dual resonant sensors US 7,515,021
JP 4366615
GB 2413710
T0053 SAW based tyre pressure sensor valve adaptor EP/GB 1765609
EP/DE P602005011805.5
CN ZL200580020437.0
EP/FR 1765609
US 7,779,681
T0058 Large Diameter RF Rotary Coupler EP/FR 1856761
CN ZL200680007447.5
EP/DE P602006001587.9
EP/GB 1856761
US 7,782,159
T0059 SAW pressure and temperature sensor using part of the substrate as a diaphragm US 7,841,241
CN ZL200680018091.5
TW I411771
GB 2426590
T0060 SAW Torque and Temperature Sensor EP/FR 1882169
EP/GB 1882169
JP 4904549
EP/DE 602006006564.7
CN ZL 200680017446.9
US 7,795,779
T0063 Method for in-system auto zeroing of a torque sensor in an automatic transmission drive train (AUTO ZEROING) US 7,212,935
T0065 Improved method and apparatus for measuring torque and or strain in a powertrain (FLEXPLATE SENSOR) EP/GB 1994386
EP/DE 1994386
US 7,770,471
EP/FR 1994386
JP 5190826
T0066 TPMS Safety Band Sensor Attachment Options (INTELLIBAND SENSOR) US 8,068,018
GB 2438182
T0068 Post Assembly  Automatic Adjustment of TPMS Sensor Preload (PRELOAD ADJUSTMENT) JP 5029851
EP/DE 2032960
EP/GB 2032960
EP/FR 2032960
CN ZL200780023344.2
US 7,798,006
TW I408062
T0070 Apparatus for and method of attaching a strain sensing element to a substrate (ANNULAR GROOVE) EP/GB 2076746
EP/DE 602007025161.3
US 8,127,629
T0072 SAW Torque & Temperature Sensor with Improved Sensitivity (OPTIMISED AL FILM) GB 2450168
JP 5387919
US 8082800
T0074 Transense/SCHOTT Package for a Strain Sensor US 7886607
EP/FR 2056085
EP/DE 602008005230.3
T0075 Runflat Band Link & TPMS Sensor (INTELLIBAND LINK SENSOR) GB 2451705
T0077 Stowable Antenna for TPMS  GB 2456387
T0078 Calibration Procedure for Flexplate Torque & Temperature Sensors (1 or 2 POINT CALIBRATION) US 7,844,414
EP/GB 2071291
EP/FR 2071291
EP/DE 2071291
T0080 Combined High Pressure (300 bar) and Temperature Industrial SAW sensor US 8,141,428
GB 2,459,516
T0081 Pressure Sensor with Adjustable Preload EP/DE 602009001775.6
EP/GB 2148180
EP/FR 2148180
T0085 Improved Interrogation Method US 8,296,087
GB 2468899
T0088 Tyre Pressure and Tread Depth Probe (OTR) GB 2460115
T0089 Tyre Pressure and Tread Depth Probe (Truck) GB 2406647