Off The Road (OTR)


The combination of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System  (TPMS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been recognized by OTR tyre and vehicle manufacturers as essential equipment which provides:



  • Permanent Tyre ID for Supply Chain & Retread markets.
  • 100% Traceability via Unique ID.
  • Avoids theft of casings and stops illegal switching.
  • Maintaining tyre pressure extends the life of the tyre.
  • Correct tyre pressure results in less fuel consumed.
  • Integrated Service Delivery means lower costs for operators and faster to profit for PPK/Mileage contracts
  • Critical Part of Global Tyre Management Programs
  • OTR Tyre availability - Global shortage for at least the next 2 years, possibly longer




    OTR Market Sectors

    Surface Mining, Underground Mining, Quarry and Cement, Construction, Ports and Terminals, Industrial and Agriculture

    Tyre Sizes

    63" - 59/80R63 Rigid Dumper, 57" - 55/80 R57 Loaders

    49" - 31/80 R49 Bottom Dumper, 35" - 29.5 R35 Scrapers

    26" - 480/80 R26 Construction, Ports, 22.5" - 295/80 R22.5 Standard Truck tyre

    OTR Tyre Prices

    63" - $80,000 Plus