Intelliband (intelligent run-flat bands) is a Transense trademark for a run flat band or safety band incorporating a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Run flat bands have been available for many years offering providing runflat capability that is independent of brand or type. They provide a cushion of rubber between the wheel rim and the road. The band locks the tyre to the wheel by filling the wheel well preventing the tyre bead from dropping into the well resulting in the tyre detaching itself from the wheel. The bands are used across a diverse range of vehicles from military to caravans. Incorporating TPMS provides additional safety features advising immediately of tyre deflation.

The link joins one end of the 2 halves of the band, the other end is secured by a bolt, 2 toggles and a nut. The sensor is mounted on the rear of the link facing the wheel well, with antenna pointing into the tyre cavity.

Intelliband IntellibandCutawayTyre

TPMS + Runflat band provides an unequalled level of additional driver / passenger safety